Friday, 16 March 2012

Revolt kicking off in Chile


CHILE'S youth rebellion against neoliberalism has kicked off again, after a summer holiday truce.

Thousands of students and school children took to the streets of Santiago to protest against the privatisation of education.

The authorities said their dissent was 'unauthorised' and used tear gas and water cannon to attack the youngsters.

More demonstrations are planned across the country in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, revolt continues in the Chilean region of Aysen, where the social movement has blockaded streets.

Reports Prensa Latina: "Social leaders, parliamentarians and inhabitants of the region of Aysen denounced on Thursday an excessive police repression in last few hours against people in this area of Patagonia.

"The Police 'is attacking innocent people with tear gas inside their houses, people that have nothing to do with the protests and barricades', noted Senator of the National Renewal Party Antonio Horvath.

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