Friday, 16 March 2012

Anarchists smash up fascist HQ

ANTI-FASCISTS in Greece smashed up the offices of a notorious extreme right-wing group on Thursday March 15.

Reports Contra Info: "Shortly after 13.00, a large group of anarchists and antifascists stormed the local offices of the neo-Nazi party Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn, located on Germanou Street, in the centre of the city of Patras.

"The fascist nest, which had been inaugurated just on Monday, March 12th, was completely smashed.

"Also, antifascist slogans were painted on most walls of the building which was provided for the neo-Nazi thugs, while their hatred material was set ablaze and dumped on the street. The comrades left the spot in a demo."

Golden Dawn are known for their brutal attacks on immigrants and for teaming up with riot police to attack protesters - yet more fascists finding common cause with neoliberalism as the two twisted ideologies merge.

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