Friday, 16 March 2012

St Louis occupiers attacked by cops

OCCUPY protesters in St Louis, USA, have been attacked by police as the neoliberal clampdown on dissent continues.

This weekend sees the Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference take place in the Missouri city.

But it started with St. Louis Police beating peaceful protesters with batons and arresting several at an encampment for conference participants.

Arrests of Occupiers from Occupy Oklahoma and St. Louis have been confirmed, says a report from Occupy Wisconsin.

Police refused to give protesters their badge numbers and were indiscriminately arresting and beating protesters who were simply exercising their 'First Amendment Rights'.

By 4am on Friday there were 14 occupiers in jail. One was said to be having seizures in prisonl. At least two had been brutality beaten by police.

It was also confirmed that batons, tasers and pepper spray had been used on the occupiers.

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