Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Resistance steps up in Iraq

THE IRAQI resistance against US occupation has stepped up again in spectacular fashion with a series of attacks on the regime.

Western media refuses to recognise the continuing existence of a resistance movement seven years after the illegal invasion, prefering to blame the elusive 'al Qaeda'.

Reports the Daily Times of Pakistan: "Two bombs near a church in Baghdad killed five policemen and injured 14 others late on Tuesday, an Interior Ministry official said.

"The first explosion struck near the Athureen church in the south Baghdad neighbourhood of Dora at about 9:30pm, but did not result in any casualties.

"A few minutes later, when police reached the scene to investigate, a second bomb detonated, killing five officers and inuring 14 others.

"The violence came a day after a devastating series of attacks killed 110 people in the country’s bloodiest violence this year, unrest blamed on al Qaeda and leading to charges of negligence on the part of the Iraq’s security forces."