Monday, 3 May 2010

Greek teachers seize TV studios

GREEK teachers broke through police lines to occupy TV studios where the Minister for Education had been scheduled to give a live speech.

They halted the state propaganda and refused to leave until the channel had allowed them to broadcast their own statement.

Earth Times says their message said, in part: "We are protesting the recent firing of more than 17,000 part-time teachers, and the government measures which seek to reduce the education level of the country to its lowest level.

"We blame the policies of the government and the IMF and want it to leave Greece."

Levels of anger at the austerity measures being imposed on Greece are now affecting all sectors of the population, with revolution a serious possibility.

Says the Earth Times report: "Hundreds of armed forces personnel held a silent protest in central Athens to protest a 30-per-cent reduction in their salaries while other professionals such as police, firefighters and coast guard are resigning by the hundreds in reaction to the news."