Saturday, 1 May 2010

Greece - the explosion begins

GREECE erupted on Mayday as protesters hurled molotov cocktails at riot police.

And, as The Observer points out, "the show of force was just the beginning – a prelude of the storm that will rock Greece if its Socialist government 'caves in' to the dictates of the IMF and enforces policies that have been likened to 'the coming of Armageddon'."

The report adds that the austerity measures "will wipe out almost every right won by workers over the past 30 years".

It quotes one protester as saying: "They say the only way of salvaging our economy is more austerity, but that's a total lie.

"These latest measures have been cooked up by outsiders and are totally outrageous. They are aimed not at the rich but at the poor. What we are saying here today is that they will pass only over our dead bodies."

ITN have this video from Greece.