Monday, 3 May 2010

EU braced for domino effect

EVENTS in Greece could set off a domino effect of social unrest across the European Union.

That's the worry expressed by Janis Emmanouilidis, senior policy analyst at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, on The Guardian's website.

Writes Emmanouilidis: "A major outbreak of social unrest in Greece or elsewhere could affect the wider EU public in various and unforeseeable ways.

"Some 'friends of Greece' will decide to show active, though peaceful, solidarity with their European compatriots.

"Others might follow the Greek example and go into the streets, not out of solidarity but out of frustration with conditions in their home country.

"In the worst case, images of violent protests in one EU country might incite others to violence.

"Some will hold the EU and the measures 'imposed by Brussels' responsible for the outbreaks of social unrest. In such a situation, the crisis will have triggered a social rather than an economic domino effect, which is no less worrisome."