Friday, 28 May 2010

Naxalite rebels have 'upper hand' in India

NAXALITE rebels could be winning their war against the might of the Indian state.

That is the unthinkable conclusion now being reached by the corporate mainstream media across the world, following the latest insurgent attack on an express train in West Bengal.

Reports the BBC: "Analysts say that the strategy of 'clearing, holding and developing' rebel-affected areas evidently inspired by the US strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan is not working.

"One reason, they say, is that the surge of security forces and resources on the ground are not sufficient enough to take on the rebels who are spread over a vast swathe of remote mineral-rich forest lands.

"The government is now in a 'visible retreat' after a spree of rebel attacks, says security analyst Ajai Sahni.

"He believes that a lack of adequate forces, training and intelligence is leading to these 'disasters'.

"Unless local capacities for intelligence and operations are enormously augmented, this [offensive] can go nowhere, and lot of lives are going to be lost for no useful purpose," Mr Sahni says.

"Till that happens, the rebels will be seen to have an upper hand in what promises to be long drawn out and bloody conflict, the like of which India has never seen."