Friday, 28 May 2010

Canadian banks fear G20 protests

CANADIAN bankers are getting increasingly nervous, four weeks before the G20 summit.

CTV News reports from Toronto: "Several downtown banks and a police vehicle were vandalized with anti-G20 graffiti early Friday.

"At least five banks and ATMs were hit with red and black spray painted slogans such as 'Stop the G20'. A police vehicle was also damaged."

A video of the TV news broadcast explains that banks are advising customers to use online banking during the summit and to withdraw valuables from safes in advance as they fear they will be forced to shut by angry protests.

Adds 680 News: "Mayor David Miller is warning residents and tourists alike to do what they can to avoid downtown Toronto during G20 weekend."

The graffiti follows the firebombing of a bank in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, by anarchists.

World leaders descend on Toronto' s Metro Convention Centre on June 26th and 27th.