Sunday, 1 August 2010

Russian anarchists attack town hall to save forest

RUSSIAN anarchists stormed a town hall in the latest battle in a longstanding war to protect Khimki forest from a motorway.

In dramatic scenes, they pelted it with smoke grenades and fireworks and painted slogans on the walls.

The Moscow Times says the attack "left the building with broken windows and covered in graffiti reading 'Save the Russian Forest', according to, a web site for anarchists and anti-fascists.

"No one was injured because the staff had left for the day, the Khimki administration said in a statement, adding that the building suffered “considerable damage,” particularly to an art gallery it housed.

"Security guards present in the building did not resist the assailants, whose number was put at 300 by"

Police described the incident as 'an insolent bandit attack'. A report on Infoshop says local residents supported the protesters' actions.

Campaigners point out on an Aljazeera video that the motorway could run next to the existing railway line, but was being deliberately rerouted through the forest in order to open up land for commercial development.