Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New bid to hammer UK weapons factory

RADICAL anti-militarists in Brighton, UK, are calling for outside support to help close down a weapons factory.

The Smash EDO! campaign is staging a mass demo on Wednesday October 13 and is urging a big mobilisation for the action.

Says a post on Indymedia UK: "EDO make weapons components vital for the waging of aerial war. EDO's technology is used to attack people from Palestine to Iraq, from Afghanistan to Pakistan. They arm F-16s, build components for Paveway bombs and help develop technology for Predator and Reaper drones.

"During Israel's 2009 massacre in Gaza the 'decommissioners' broke into EDO and by causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage shut down the production line. Their defence was that theyu were acting to prevent war crimes. Sixteen months later they were found not guilty by a unanimous jury verdict.

"The question after all this is, how long can EDO sustain their bloody business in Brighton? Now it's time for a final push to remove the factory from Brighton.

"Our action comes at a time when the people of Afghanistan are being targeted by remote control. Unmanned drones pilotted by mercenaries on the other side of the globe are used to maintain aerial supremacy in Afghan skies. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have died in the nine year assault. Now is the time to attack the industries which are propping up the occupation.

"It's Hammertime! We are calling for people from around the UK, and beyond, to join us in besieging EDO. We aim to shut the factory for the day


"Can you publicise ITT's Hammertime in your local area - If so contact smashedo@riseup.net and we'll send you some flyers and posters."

The Hammertime Flyer is available online.
front is http://www.smashedo.org.uk/images/hammer%20bombs2.jpg
back - http://www.smashedo.org.uk/images/hammertime%20rear%20final.jpg

A video documentary on the campaign can be seen here.