Saturday, 14 August 2010

Five collaborators assassinated in Iraq

IRAQI resistance fighters have assassinated five collaborators with the US occupation.

AFP reports that two policemen were shot dead and their bodies set ablaze at a Baghdad checkpoint on Saturday while two of their colleagues and a pro-American fighter were also killed.

The insurgents shot the two policemen as they sat in their car in eastern Baghdad, an official said, and then set it on fire, while two others were killed by silenced pistols at a checkpoint in the west of the Iraqi capital.

Saturday's incident was the third time in two weeks that members of the security forces' bodies have been burned after being killed by insurgents.

In Al-Shaab district northeast of Baghdad meanwhile, a member of the government-backed Sahwa (Awakening) militia was shot dead at a checkpoint, the official said, and two other fighters wounded.

The Sahwa, known in the US military as the 'Sons of Iraq' sided with the US against the resistance from late 2006.