Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Policeman lied about assault

A BRITISH policeman faces jail after attacking a man in the street in Wigan and then lying about what had happened.

Reports The Daily Mail: "Special Constable Peter Lightfoot, 40, was captured on CCTV striking Mark Aspinall's head on the ground, rubbing his face in the tarmac and hitting him with his police helmet as he was restrained during an arrest.

"He claimed that Mr Aspinall, 24, who was then a Lance Corporal with the Royal Mechanical engineers, had been struggling violently as he and two other officers tried to arrest him after he was ejected from a nightclub for being drunk.

"During a three week trial at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court, the court heard that Mr Aspinall had been charged and convicted of two counts of assaulting a police officer in July 2008, but had later had his conviction quashed at Liverpool Crown Court following an appeal.

"In the appeal hearing, Lightfoot told the court under oath that he did not strike Mr Aspinall with a helmet and did not strike his head against the road claiming, 'I did not rub his face in the tarmac there, I was holding his head down'."

The case stands in stark contrast to that concerning Ian Tomlinson, where the video evidence of the fatal police assault was deemed insufficient evidence for a prosecution.