Monday, 7 November 2011

Nov 9 panic spirals into threats


STUDENT protesters in London are now being threatened with rubber bullets as the authorities' panic at the prospect of mass dissent spirals into absurdity.

Sky News was, as ever, more than happy to try and put the frighteners on the public, with a report entitled 'Cops Armed With Baton Rounds for Student Demo.'

It quoted one Commander Pountain as saying: "Baton rounds is a valuable tactic for me to have available should the need arise.

"At the moment I have asked for it to be available to me. Those units will be parked away from the area on standby.

"If any of my staff are coming under sustained attack as we saw in previous demonstrations, I need the ability to protect them and to make sure they don't sustain serious injuries or even worse."

As one comment on Twitter said: "Story about rubber bullets is blatant attempt by police to scare folk away from Wednesday's demo. Fuck. That. Shit."