Wednesday, 9 November 2011

London police threaten violence

LONDON'S police thugs are planning to use force to "disperse" protesters at London Wall at 5.30pm today, it has emerged.

Comments London anarchist Ian Bone on his blog: "The new commander at the Met really is doing his best to ensure violence. This is bound to lead to trouble – so blame Commander Fuckwit Pountain and his boss.

"Swaggering bullies with their bullets and armoured cars determined to show off to Theresa May how tough they are – no nonsense types. Well..they’ll have to do the same on November 23rd and 30th – by which time the cracks will show."

November 23 is the date, already announced, of the next student day of action and November 30 will see a national day of industrial action and protest against the neoliberal economic assault on the population.