Monday, 21 November 2011

Egypt: video, updates and live links


EVENTS are moving rapidly in Egypt following the massive street uprising against the SCAF military regime and revulsion at the brutality meted out by the once-popular troops.

At the time of posting the latest news was that the Egyptian cabinet has submitted its resignation to SCAF.

Other updates are:

*   63 flights in and out of Cairo have been cancelled due to the unrest in recent days.

*  The Muslim Brotherhood has called on SCAF to stop the killing and aggression against the demonstrators in all squares immediately and without delay and withdraw its soldiers and vehicles from the squares.

*  Rebellion is spreading, Al Jazeera has been showing videos of protesters in Dammiyat, Zaqazeeq and Port Said, in addition to previous reports from Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Al Arish and Ismailiya.

*   Disturbing details have emerged of the US-made "tear gas" being used by SCAF in its chemical warfare against its own population.

To keep up to date with the latest developments, try EA WorldView which is currently running a live blog at

RT is streaming live from Tahrir Square at