Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Neoliberal mask is slipping fast

THE ILLUSION of democracy under capitalism is finally being dispelled as the neoliberal elite desperately tries to stem the global surge of revolt.

With paramilitary police forces being sent in to crush dissent wherever it breaks out and 'austerity' measures imposed everywhere,  the mask of consensus is rapidly slipping to reveal the brutal face of plutocratic dictatorship.

Reports From the Greek Streets today: "It sounds like a sitcom joke, or maybe a strange feeling that perhaps those at the echelon of power might have a sense of humour after all, even if it’s a twisted one — but it’s true: Greece’s representative at the IMF (called Panagiotis Roumeliotis, in case you  want to know) now appears 'very likely' to become the next prime minister, according to corporate media reports and ‘leaks’.

"In the near-incomprehensible sequence of events unfolding before our eyes, democracy is unveiling itself for what it really is — nothing more, of course, than a means to protect and perpetuate the existing system of power and domination.

"The fact that the veil of any sort of  'representation' or 'consensus' has dropped can be a positive one: resorting to showing its brute face is a sign of weakness on the side of power, and a hint of some great opportunities on the side of our own."

Adds a contributor: "In Italy the EU and US want them to get rid of Berlusconi and install a technocrat. This is the way they want the world to be run now, not be people voting people into office (which almost always turns out to be a joke anyway).

"Now they are just bypassing any facade of democracy and basically 'appointing' representatives who will do the bidding of capital markets.

"It is however a big sign of weakness. Because once the illusion of democracy is removed, that’s when people can no longer trick themselves."