Monday, 15 November 2010

US nazis hide behind cops

AMERICAN anarchists have clashed with police protecting a neo-nazi demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona.

Reports Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons: "The Nazi-haters chanted slogans like, 'Fuck you, Nazis, fuck you!,' 'Hey, Nazi, you're an immigrant too,' and 'Hiding behind the cops,' which, of course, the so-called master race was doing.

"There were at least a hundred cops out there, maybe more. If the Nazis had not had that cordon, the anarchists would have eaten them alive.

"The anarchists were ticked and looking forward to a melee. Rocks and other objects sailed over the heads of the cops and hit some of the Nazis, as well as some cops and bystanders. (Two alleged rock-hurlers were arrested by the Phoenix PD.)

"Nails were strewn all over the street, I suppose to halt police vehicles. Dozens of anarchists pushed against police shields, anticipating an advance, which they knew had to come.

"This police advance was eventually achieved through the liberal use of pepper spray. Several members of the media, as well as numerous counter-protesters were hit with the debilitating chemical agent, which causes temporary blindness and an intense burn in the eyes and on the skin."