Monday, 1 November 2010

London party-goers defy riot cops

A THOUSAND party-goers saw off brutal attempts by riot cops to close down a weekend of fun in London.

The Daily Mail reported: "At one stage in the early hours, dozens of riot police were forced to retreat as party-goers shouting, ‘We won’t go’ hurled bottles, bricks and road signs."

It quoted Daniel, a 20-year-old student who had come from Manchester for the party, as saying: "There was a riot when the cops tried to close it down. They hit us with batons and used Taser guns. But we’ve carried on.

"People have come from Spain, and all over the world for this. It’s all free and we’re just enjoying ourselves. A lot of us are activists and anarchists who go to protests."

The report says the last contingent of ravers left at 4.15pm on Sunday, about 18 hours after the party started.

It said one 'organiser' had told the paper: "There will be a big resurgence of this sort of thing because of the economic situation. It’s mirroring what happened in the last recession."