Thursday, 18 November 2010

Athens dreams of a beautiful winter

MORE photos of the November 17 demonstration have been posted online by the From the Greek Streets website.

The blog reports that in total, almost 100 people were detained in what was Athens' largest Polytechnic uprising commemorative demonstration in more than a decade.

Of those detained, 29 have been arrested – while there are also four demonstrators injured.

Also featured are photos of disturbing flesh injuries suffered by one protester and appeals for help in determining what exactly caused them.

The blog adds: "First, today’s demonstration had a very peculiar feel to it. The largest Polytechnic uprising commemorative demonstration in more than a decade (30,000 according to the police, around double in real numbers). A very tense feeling in the air.

"Even before the demo set off, clashes with the youth branch of PASOK – the social-democrat party in power – who had the nerve to try join the demonstration.

"The police on the sides of the march, with their hands on the trigger of the tear-gas guns the entire time. People waiting for something to happen on both ends: our end, and on that of the police.

"And something did happen. The most intense and populous demonstration Athens has seen since May 5th.

"The police charging ahead whenever they could, whenever they would isolate people off the main block of the demonstration. People fighting back, during the demo and then, late in the night, in Exarcheia.

"But that peculiar feeling hasn’t faded: we are still waiting something will happen… Tonight was the last day of a long summer. Tomorrow is the first day of a strange winter – hopefully, a beautiful winter."