Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Students rise up in UK and Italy

STUDENTS in Britain and Italy have taken to the streets against the neoliberal system that is stealing their future.

In Britain, thousands marched and occupied university buildings all across the country, with many reports of police violence as authorities begin to panic at the scale of the insurrection.

For details see reports on Indymedia and anticuts.org.uk.

Protesters in London outwitted cops by conducting roving demonstrations around the capital, blocking major roads such as Oxford Street.

Later hundreds faced off riot cops in Traflagar Square, at one point kettling the thugs-in- blue.

But when the media went home, police moved in to snatch out individuals and eventually arrested some 150 people.

The momentum is set to continue, with more protests called for Thurdsay December 9 and Saturday December 11.

In Italy, reports ABC News: "Thousands of students blocked the centre of Rome as part of nationwide protests against university budget cuts.

"Up to 50,000 students marched through the capital in a concerted attempt to 'paralyse' the city, dubbed 'Block Everything Day,' organisers said.

"According to the Italian Students' Union (UDS), 'more than 400,000 students are rallying throughout Italy'.

"Police in riot gear blocked all entrances to the Chamber of Deputies as lawmakers voted on the reforms and officers were forced to redirect traffic as the city centre was brought to a standstill in several areas."