Thursday, 15 July 2010

Riots in Argentina after death in police cell

RIOTS have broken out in Argentina after a 21 year old ''committed suicide' in a police cell, reports Angry News From Around The World.

The young man was arrested outside a bowling alley and, two hours later, was found hanged in his cell.

A demonstration outside the police station in the town of Salliqueló in western Buenos Aires province nded in chaos: people burned tyres and a car and the police cracked down with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The suspicious death of Gilberto Giménez, a boy who had come from Mendoza few months ago and worked as a bricklayer caused a stir among the inhabitants of Salliqueló.

According to reports, the boy was arrested on Sunday for incidents on public roads, and two hours later, was found hanged in his cell.

Fabian Attorney investigating the cause Arcomano revealed this morning that the autopsy report "clearly indicated" that the cause of death was "suicide by hanging." That matches the version supported by the police.

However, the victim's father, Carlos Fernandez, it was not a suicide. "My son was bruised all over. They had cut his neck and disfigured him," the man told the cable channel Todo Noticias (TN).

The contestation caused commotion among the inhabitants of the town, located 500 kilometers west of Buenos Ayres.

The protest began last night, near 22 hours in front of the police concerned. First 150 people gathered, but that number was increasing over time. There were burning tyres and a Ford k, so firemen had to go to work.

"We put out the fire but the people, who were very angry, tried to stop us. The fire did not affect any property ", they said.

The protest was initially suppressed with tear gas, but continued to grow. Until later, police received reinforcements from other cities of Buenos Aires which added gas and rubber bullets, and dispersed the neighbours in the midnight hours.