Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Moat case reveals UK hatred of police

THE DEPTH of anti-police feeling in the UK has been dramatically revealed by a wave of admiration for killer Raoul Moat.

The authorities are showing signs of panic as tributes have flocked in to the nightclub doorman who went on the run after killing his girlfriend's new partner and controversially committed suicide as he was hit by new super-powerful police Tasers.

Reports The Daily Mail: "David Cameron turned up the pressure on Facebook last night after the website defied demands to take down sick messages of support for gunman Raoul Moat.

"The Premier attacked the social networking site for doing nothing to prevent hundreds of people posting tributes to the killer.

"In the Commons, an angry Mr Cameron said Moat was a 'callous murderer' and undeserving of sympathy.

'There should be sympathy for his victims, and for the havoc he wreaked in that community; there should be no sympathy for him.'

"But last night Facebook was refusing to take down the 'RIP Raoul Moat You Legend!' page - even though many of its members are openly attacking the policeman Moat blinded and saying they wished he had killed more people.

"Many of them suggest Moat was justified in killing his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, while others say he should have killed policemen.
"Terrianne 'Courtney' Robinson wrote: 'He's a ******* LEGEND for attempting to kill the police – should have taken a lot more down with him! R.I.P Big Man.'

"Neil Robinson said: 'Cameron should be more concerned about the way his Plod's handled the whole thing. People that are leaving flowers are showing their respect for a man who was wronged badly by the system. He stood up to the system and they don't like it'."

Similar views can be seen in comments on sites like YouTube, where video tributes to Moat have been posted.

Says one: "i think you'll find that people do not admire this guy but sympathise with the way his situation was handled by the gun-totting and heavy handedness of the police which is blatently and clearly getting out of hand much too often year after year and the public don't like this idea of totalitarianism

"unfortunately though the police have lost so much face and respect for the way they behave in countless cases of accidental death, corruption, burying evidence etc (and getting away with it without proper inquiries) that there is rise of dislike towards them more than ever it appears.... and when the facts of this case appear to be buried (as in there is NO video evidence mysteriously btw, any may day, any event there are ALWAYS police cameras) it adds to the untrust towards them"

Adds another: "I was ruined by police corruptly covering-up local government corruption, with no access to justice. www_fast4truth.blogspot_com/
This is why people loathe police - they lie, and the system laughs in our face, while grinding our faces in the dirt to pay for their inflation-proof salaries."