Saturday, 31 July 2010

Anti-American riots in Kabul

RIOTERS in the Afghan capital have set fire to two US embassy vehicles shouting "death to America" after one of the 4x4s smashed into a civilian car killing a number of passengers, reports Aljazeera.

Police fired into the air to disperse the crowd of angry Afghans who threw stones and chanted "death to Karzai" in reference to Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president.

Security forces were concerned that the deadly traffic accident could lead to widespread rioting.

Nato's International security assistance force (Isaf) said it had dispatched a quick reaction force to the area outside the American embassy and near Afghan and US army bases in the centre of Kabul.

Outside of the capital, the guerrilla war of resistance against the US-led occupation continued, with six American soldiers killed in a series of attacks, bringing this month's death toll to at least 66, making July the deadliest month for American forces in nearly nine years.