Thursday, 17 June 2010

Serbian anarchists cleared by court

THE SERBIAN anarchists known as the Belgrade Six have been acquitted by the High Court.

Infoshop reports that they were cleared of throwing molotov cocktails at the Greek Embassy last August, because the prosecution's case had not been proven.

"The basis for acquittal is the legal, not political. It is not proven that the accused committed the crime," said the judge Dragomir Gerasimović.

The Belgrade six - Ratibor Trivunac, Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Mitrović, Ivan Savić, Sanja Dojkić and Ivan Vulović - are free and innocent, the judge decided.

Ratibor Trivunac said after the verdict that the state had failed to break the anarchist movement in Serbia.

Added Tadej Kurepa: "The trial has confirmed what we already knew, that this country kidnapped us for political reasons and kept us in jail for 6 months. For total of six of us we have been in prison more than 1,000 days."