Wednesday, 28 April 2010

US anarchists on the attack

BLACK-CLAD anarchists have attacked hated symbols of capitalist-military system in the north-west USA.

Reports KPTV: "A Starbucks coffee shop and a U.S. military recruiting center were among the businesses damaged Monday when a group of about 50 people ran through the streets of northeast Portland.

"A Portland police spokeswoman said anarchists who protested and vandalized businesses in downtown Portland several weeks ago are likely responsible for the damage found along Northeast Broadway Boulevard at 9:45 p.m.

"The Portland Police Bureau is now preparing for similar acts of vandalism and protests in the days leading up to May 1, which is a holiday historically celebrated by labor unions, anarchists and socialist groups.

"Witnesses told officers Monday that the large group was dressed in black and was throwing rocks before police arrived.

"Two windows on the Starbucks coffee shop at 1510 NE Broadway were damaged by rocks, police said, and the U.S. Military Recruiting Center two blocks away had its front glass door shattered.

"A police spokeswoman said the vandals entered the recruiting center and spread garbage around the office.

"They also destroyed a large bench and rolled several trash bins into the street in hopes of stopping traffic, police said.

"The windows of a Wells Fargo bank branch and a Bank of America branch were also shattered."

"We want to make sure we protect business and property," said an unusually truthful police spokesman interviewed on local news channel 8.