Saturday, 24 April 2010

Greeks take to the streets in anger

THE PEOPLE of Greece are taking to the streets in anger at the IMF take-over of their country.

The Occupied London blog reported that Greek PM Papandreou chose the remote Aegean island of Kastelorizo to announce his government was to activate the IMF-EU plan, "effectively throwing the proletariat and lower middle classes in the country at the mercy of international financial giants".

A massive protest in Athens saw police fire tear gas at those denouncing the betrayal of the so-called "socialist" government.

There is a video on the ITN website.

Occupied London also reports that a few days ago, the headquarters of the ruling PASOK party in Chania, Crete were occupied in solidarity with the six anarchists arrested in relation to the revolutionary struggle case.

A statement condemend the criminalization of the anarchist/ anti authoritarian movement and the " state’s attempt to hold back any feelings of rebellion that develop among broader parts of society".

It added: "This performance presenting the assuming ‘unmasking of terrorism’ serves for the state and the capital as an ideal platform on which they both materialize their sophisticated attack against society, an attack that is becoming all the more barbaric as it is realized with the contribution of their ‘international’ partners and the monetary fund. And all that so as to shut people’s mouths, so as to achieve their consent in their even harsher exploitation."