Friday, 30 April 2010

Furious Greeks reject IMF plan

A FURIOUS reaction to the Greek government's sell-out to the IMF has already started on the streets of Athens and elsewhere.

A spontaneous protest against the announcement ended with riot police firing tear gas at a crowd trying to storm the finance ministry, reports Reuters.

And the heat is set to be turned up still higher on Saturday when the traditional Mayday marches take on a new poignancy.

Indymedia reports that the austerity measures agreed by the so-called Socialist government will involve:

* A 20% reduction of the wages of the public employees and teachers

* An increase in VAT from 21 to 25%

* A cut of almost 20% in pensions

* A change in the law so the people can be fired freely

* Plans to cut 100.000 to 200.000 jobs in the public sector

* Reductions in funding for hospitals and public health

And all this to pay for the mess created by parasitical bankers and corrupt politicians - no wonder they're angry!