Wednesday, 18 November 2009

US cops Taser ten-year-old

AMERICAN police used a Taser gun on a ten year old girl who had refused to take a shower, it has emerged.

Reported the Daily Telegraph on November 19:
"The officer had been called to the girl's home in Ozark, Arkansas, by her mother because she was behaving in an unruly manner and refusing to take a shower."

In a report on the incident the officer, Dustin Bradshaw, said the mother gave him permission to use the Taser.

When he arrived, the girl was curled up on the floor, screaming, and resisting as her mother tried to get her in the shower before bed.

"Her mother told me to take her if I needed to," the cop wrote.

The child was "violently kicking and verbally combative" when he tried to take her into custody and she kicked him in the groin.

He then delivered "a very brief drive stun to her back," the report said.

The local Police Chief Jim Noggle said no disciplinary action was taken against Bradshaw, but the girl will face disorderly conduct charges as a juvenile.