Sunday, 8 November 2009

Morale crisis in US army

AN AMERICAN military source has confirmed that morale in the US/UK military machine has plunged to crisis levels.

In an article entitled Mass Shooting Indicates Breakdown of Military, the US website truthout spoke with an army specialist who is an active-duty Iraq war veteran currently stationed at the
Fort Hood base, scene of this week's shooting (see previous blog).

The soldier is quoted as saying that the mood on the base is “very grim,” and that even before this incident, troop morale has been very low.

“I’d say it’s at an all-time low - mostly because of Afghanistan now,” he explained. “Nobody knows why we are at either place, and I believe the troops need to know why they are there, or we should pull out, and this is a unanimous feeling, even for folks who are pro-war.”

Fort Hood, located in central Texas, is the largest US military base in the world and contains up to 50,000 soldiers. It is one of the most heavily deployed bases to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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