Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Riot cops move against anti-monarchists

RIOT police were deployed to push back hundreds of anti-monarchist protesters during Prince Charles' visit to Montreal, Quebec, on Tuesday.

Reported CBC News: "The noisy protesters, mostly members of radical sovereigntist groups, chanted slogans against the monarchy. They also waved flags and placards reading, “Majesty go home.” Some of the protesters also threw eggs.

"The members of the separatist Société St-Jean Baptiste and the Réseau de Résistance du Québécois want an apology for what they say is the British monarchy's role in the alleged cultural genocide of francophones in North America over the last 400 years."

The report quoted one protester from the French-speaking province as saying: "I'm here to support democracy. I think a monarch is an obsolete institution, and it's not democratic.

"I'm here to speak in favour of democracy, republics and power to the people, not power to the monarchy."

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