Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Collapsing capitalism morphs into fascism

HISTORY is unfolding before our eyes, faster and more obviously than ever.

Capitalism morphs into fascism as its illusion of universal prosperity is exposed as the lie it always was.

Armed paramilitary goons in California protect Disneyland from residents of Anaheim angered by the way cops can kill their people with impunity.

And the London Olympics turn into full-blown dress rehearsal for a totalitaran police state, with even cycling now considered a crime if it threatens to disrupt the compulsory mass worship of money and power.

The symbolism is exquisite.

But all the gun-toting, law-passing and media manipulation will not stop the inevitable collapse of the toxic system which is choking this planet to death.

Half of India is brought to a standstill when the power grid fails for the second time in two days - 600 million without power.

And the capitalist dream of new consumer continents is fading, as brand new shopping malls in India and China lie half-empty. 

There can never be a Disneyland planet of 10 billion happy Olympic-loving consumers - the neoliberal quest for endless growth and complete control cannot succeed.

But unfortunately capitalism is not going to end tomorrow. There is a lot more suffering ahead, a lot more misery, war and tears. And struggle as well, to ensure that the society that emerges from the ruins, the day after tomorrow, is one that will restore hope to humanity.