Sunday, 22 July 2012

Anarchists firebomb two banks in Italy

ANARCHISTS have claimed responsibility for firebomb attacks on two banks in Frascati, Rome.

A statement published on the 325 website states: "In the night of Wednesday July 18 2012, two banks were attacked in Frascati. Two molotov bottles and an incendiary device were thrown at the Unicredit bank and the BNL bank. Unicredit got completely destroyed."

The statement, signed off as being from the Informal Anarchist Federation and the International Revolutionary Front, says graffiti was left at the scene - an  encircled A and the slogan "The Earth is worth more than your money."

Explains the statement: "We can see and feel directly what they are doing to the Earth, to the animals, to anti-authoritarians, and this is sufficient to give a reason to our attacks, every time with more determination and strength… forward anarchists, let’s sabotage and destroy the present!"

It says the attack was "dedicated to those who are in prison, wanted by police, sentenced and searched…. to the anarchists hit by the repressive forces of the State/Capital."