Thursday, 16 February 2012

Police forged 'anarchist' papers

RUSSIAN anti-fascists and anarchists from Nizhny Novgorod are calling for global solidarity in their battle against a police prosecution based on crudely forged papers.

Crucial pieces of so-called evidence were planted during police searches, they say, during which a great number of procedural violations were committed - including the fact that most of the accused were altogether absent when their apartments were searched.

"Thus, during a police search of the apartment of one of the accused, who was not home at the time, the official witnesses (who are required to be present under Russian law) sat outside the closed door of the apartment while the police, who had entered through a window, did as they pleased in the empty apartment.

"The alleged IDs contain a crude spelling error (it would be odd if leftist activists had spelled the word “anarchy” wrong).

"The charter of this 'organization', which was likewise planted by police during these searches, stipulates a hierarchical structure, unconditional submission to the leader, and even punishment for disobedient members.

"These 'rules' are, of course, incompatible with leftist views and with the ideals of liberty and equality that our comrades espouse.

"The authorities have ignored all the outrageous violations of human rights committed by the political police, and they refuse to acknowledge the clear fabrications committed in this criminal investigation.

"Our only hope is the pressure of public opinion, international attention to the case, and widespread media coverage. On March 16–18, 2012, we call for days of coordinated actions in solidarity with the Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists."

The dissidents are also asking for money to pay lawyers - at least $3,000. Details of how to donate can be found at

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