Monday, 22 August 2011

Rebels torch NATO lorries in Pakistan

REBEL fighters in Pakistan have torched at least 15 NATO tankers carrying oil supplies to the US-led occupation army in neighbouring Afghanistan.

The vehicles were set ablaze by gunmen in the Mastung region of the southwestern province of Balochistan.

Reports Press TV: "Militants fired at the trucks and set them ablaze before fleeing the scene. There are no reports of casualties.

"Meanwhile, the Pakistani security forces have sealed the area off and begun a search operation in the troubled region.

"The latest attack came days after several gunmen torched nearly a dozen tankers in the same Pakistani province.

"Hundreds of NATO tankers and containers have been destroyed in different parts of Pakistan during the past three years.

"In response, Pakistani authorities have deployed large contingents of police and military forces on all major arteries in the area in an attempt to curb the attacks.

"Pro-Taliban militants often claim responsibility for such attacks, saying that the assaults are in retaliation for non-UN-sanctioned US drone strikes on Pakistan's tribal regions.

"Despite frequent attacks on NATO supply convoys, the US military has not stopped its unauthorized drone bombings on Pakistani territory."