Saturday, 13 August 2011

Anarchists speak out after historic riots

ANARCHISTS in the UK have been speaking out in the aftermath of an historic week of rioting across the country.

While the state and its media puppets have ramped up the rhetoric of reaction for their own purposes, dissident voices have been raised in proud defiance.

Says the All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (ALARM!) "Whilst the riots may have taken their toll on our communities, there is no turning back now. We cannot wish them away. The screams of our youth have been heard; its time we turned them into the battle cries of our class."

Writes Ian Bone: "I guarantee within weeks the backlash against this rough injustice will start... Then this ROTTEN PARLIAMENT won’t look so fucking good. Self-satisfied, smug, privileged elite bullying and hectoring, representative of no working class people or anyone under 40 not fast tracked via Oxbridge and politcal party research departments.

"This lot aint like us, they despise us. They’ve jumped on peoples fears to rehabilitate themselves. The shine will soon tarnish and we’ll see more anger than ever. Comrades turn off your tellys and radios. Don’t torture youselves.Go and lie down. You’re going to need your energy."

Comments weekly newsletter SchNEWS: "What’s missing from the picture presented by most media analysts is what a bunch of c*nts the police actually are. As anarchist political activists we have a choice about our engagement with the police, we run up against them when we mobilise and so we get a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to live in an area where everyone is treated as potential criminal."

A blogger at Fitwatch adds: "I feel utterly sickened at the attitude of large numbers of people who are suddenly supporting the police, who support the army being brought in, who want to see water canon and plastic bullets used on the streets.

"I am livid with rage at people who have never experienced police harassment not even attempting to understand the brutalisation this causes. I know the effect it has had on me, and I’ve only experienced it through the choice of being politically active which is nothing compared to it happening on a daily basis because of your skin colour or where you live."

Writes anarcho-newsletter The Porkbolter: "We are living in an utterly corrupt and dysfunctional society which cannot be fundamentally altered by any number of reforms.

"Revolt is in the air and that can only be a good thing. While all the Daily Mail bigots call for concentration camps, mass shootings and sterilisation of the underclass, it is up to the rest of us to speak the truth. We must tell them that the sick society they cherish so much is worthless and we will shed no tears as it falls apart around them. Generation Anarchy – we are on your side!"