Thursday, 2 September 2010

Food riots break out in Mozambique

FOOD riots have broken out in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Protesters staged a second day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday over food price increases and the violence has so far left seven people dead and 288 wounded, the government admits.

Reports Times Live: "Clashes between police and protesters broke out Wednesday and Thursday, as crowds in impoverished neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Maputo took to the streets.

"They were protesting a 17-percent increase in the price of bread, as well as fuel, water and electricity rises.

"Protesters looted 23 shops and damaged 12 buses, completely destroying one, government spokesman Alberto Nkutumula told journalists after an emergency cabinet meeting Wednesday.

"Despite posting impressive economic growth figures since the end of a 16-year civil war in 1992 Mozambique still has a per capita income of just 794 dollars (620 euros) a year."