Saturday, 27 March 2010

Police pepper spray Brazil footballers

POLICE in Brazil have gone from attacking fans to attacking players - with pepper spray and batons.

Video footage on Eurosport clearly shows the cops assaulting, from behind, players who were already leaving the pitch.

Says the report: "The game between Rondionese League clubs Genus and Moto Clube descended into farce after Genus player Robson was dismissed in the 64th minute for a foul.

"The player refused to leave the pitch and together with several team-mates confronted the referee, leaving the official feeling so intimidated that he called in the police.

"Four police in full riot gear charged on to the pitch, and when Robson still refused to go they attacked him and his team-mates with batons and pepper spray.

"The match was abandoned as chaos ensued, but Genus's club president has asked to forego the replay since his side were trailing 3-0 at the time of the incident.

"The controversy has continued to rumble on, however, and the vice-governor of the Brazilian state of Rondonia has promised a full investigation into the police actions. 'If the policemen overreacted they will be punished,' he said."