Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Army on the streets in Chile

THE ARMY is on the streets of Chile, and curfews imposed, in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that hit the South American country.

The global corporate media is predictably toeing the line that their role is to "help" stop violence, but reports from the spot tell a different story.

Santiago Indymedia points out, for instance, that all the supermarkets have remained shut, which is why people have been forced to help themselves to basic foodstuffs to feed their families - the "looting" described in the media.

"Armed soldiers are patrolling the streets to help quell unrest and protect shops and banks" states The Guardian's report, rather giving the game away.

This is another fine example of how the state always exists to protect property and privilege from the very population it claims to represent. Their welfare is of little consequence, as many Chileans have discovered the hard way in the last few days.