Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Greeks resist IMF squeeze

GREEK workers are today protesting against austerity measures being imposed by the government at the behest of the IMF and the global financial system.

The BBC reported that public sector workers launched a nationwide strike: "Flights have been grounded, many schools closed, and hospitals are operating an emergency-only service. "

On Tuesday, the 'socialist' government announced that it intends to raise the average retirement age in a bid to save the cash-strapped pensions system.

Added the report: "The move comes on top of other planned austerity measures, including a public sector salary freeze and a hike in petrol prices announced last week.

"Public sector workers will not be hit as hard as they have been in the Irish Republic, but they complain that some of the lowest paid will suffer while the rich dodge tax with impunity, our correspondent says. "