Monday, 22 February 2010

Carnival attack on global brand

MASKED radicals used the cover of carnival to attack a Benetton store in Spain.

Reported Angry News from Around the World: "Seven masked people entered the shop right in the centre of Lugo, giving no possibility of identification to the CCTV cameras.

"According to investigators, the group probably prepared the attack in advance, taking advantage of the carnival festivities in order not to attract attention.

"They believe, moreover, that there is some anarchist organisation behind it. In fact, in the libertarian forums news of the attack was spread extremely rapidly, including details of what was written on the walls of the shop.

"The damage to the inside of the shop was considerable. The authors of the incident broke the windows with clubs. The metal detector at the entrance was also damaged.

"Inside clothing was thrown to the ground, some stained with red paint.Computers and coat hangers were also damaged. The employees were not attacked in any way. The attackers were only concerned with material damage.

"The police have no doubt that it was a question of an attack in defence of the Mapuche community of South America that have been carrying on a struggle for a number of years against the controversial Italian brand."

Explained a campaign website: "The Italian fashion brand Benetton is well known for its 'provocative' promotion campaigns that appear to be socially critical.

"But the internationally operating company is itself involved in dirty deals. In south Argentina, Benetton has bought almost one million hectare of land.

"The local population, mostly Mapuche indigenous people, are forcefully removed from this area. They are calling for solidarity and action against Benetton."