Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Romanians battle neoliberal fascism

THE ROMANIAN uprising against neoliberal fascism continues, with more protests planned for Thursday.

Anger is growing against the regime of President Traian Basescu, which has been brutally imposing IMF-ordered 'austerity measures' since 2009.

But the ruthless attack on people's living conditions has gone so far that they are taking to the streets in their thousands and staying there - even though Basescu has hastily dropped the changes to the health system which sparked the latest protests.

The outbreak of people power has been met with the same police brutality as is being unleashed by other local franchises of the global capitalist system, as can be seen in this 12-minute video by .

RT reports: "­Some 60 people have reportedly been injured as demonstrators clashed with riot police, hurling stones and petrol bombs, in an outpouring of rage against the government."

It quotes Marioara Florescu, aged  60. She has worked all her life in a textile factory in Bucharest, but now she is being forced to pay for her social security out of her small pension.

She says: “I've come here for the pain of the Romanian people, the pain of the entire country. For 22 years all they've done is destroy the entire country. Our youth has no future.” 

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