Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New surge of Iraqi resistance

THE IRAQI people continue to mount a brave resistance to the regime imposed by the US occpuation.

Although given little publicity by neoliberal media, their uprising has been given new impetus by the revolts across the Arab world.

Reports "At least six Iraqis were killed and 38 more were wounded in new violence. The worst attack occurred in the capital where a new agreement may allow journalists more freedoms. Also, the Arab League Summit has been postponed until May.

"The United Nation’s Special Representative to Iraq Ad Melkert said the organization is concerned about human rights violations, particularly violence towards demonstrators and restrictions against journalists.

"Meanwhile, the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory and Baghdad Operations Command have reached an agreement to protect journalists during demonstrations and allow them to directly broadcast from protests.

"In Baghdad, a pair of bombs targeting a Sunni Endowment official’s home in Ghazaliya killed one person and wounded 20, including the official.

"A third explosion wounded two more. A blast targeting a petrol tanker in Rustamiya wounded one person. Two people were wounded when a bomb exploded near a fuel truck in Doura.

"Three bystanders were wounded during an explosion on Palestine Street. Baladiyat saw three wounded after a blast. A blast targeting a U.S. convoy near the Mashtal Bridge left no casualties.

"In Mosul, a blast at the home of a man who had worked as a translator for U.S. forces killed him. Gunmen killed a civilian yesterday.

"A suicide bomber attacked a mosque’s imam after evening prayers in Ramadi. One civilian was killed and three others were wounded, including the imam.

"One person was injured in an attack on a petrol tanker south of Baghdad.

"A blast at the Tarmiya police station killed one prisoner and wounded three others.

"Protesters in Baquba demanded the sacking of local officials and other reforms."