Friday, 25 February 2011

Extraordinary battle for a free Libya

LIBYA today stands on the brink of freedom, with its extraordinary popular uprising on the brink of defeating the corrupt and murderous Colonel Gaddafi.

Large parts of the North African country have already liberated themselves from state control, with UK anarchist blogger Ian Bone suggesting Benghazi, in particular, resembles revolutionary Barcelona in 1936.

But Gaddafi retains control of his capital and before Tripoli falls, nobody can be sure that the Libyan revolution will match the success of those in neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt.

This is the bloodiest revolt yet, with those troops and mercenaries still loyal to Gaddafi - a close friend of Berlusconi just across the Mediterranean - not hesitating to mow down protesters in the streets.

The courage of those Libyan revolutionaries prepared to fight bullets with rocks must surely be an inspiration to the whole world for years to come.

For latest news see live coverage from Al Jazeera English, the February 17 website and the feb17 hashtag on Twitter.