Monday, 31 January 2011

US empire starting to crumble?

FEBRUARY 1 2011 will be a crucial day for the history of Egypt and the Arab world, but also for the US global empire.

The 30-year Mubarak dictatorship, funded to to the tune of $1.5bn a year, has been a cornerstone of American policy in the region.

As millions of Egyptians prepare to march on the Presidential Palace and call for Mubarak to go, with the army saying it will not use force to stop them, the US will know that their puppet could well be forced off the stage.

While the Americans are no doubt already working on ensuring that a future government remains pro-US, the significance of what is happening here should not be underestimated.

Every trick in the book has been used to try and halt the Egyptian revolution and undermine global public support for it - from shooting people and sending in the airforce to cutting off the country's internet connections and spreading false information about a threat of 'Islamic extremism filling the void'.

If, despite all this, Mubarak is toppled, a powerful message will go out to every other people enslaved by US-controlled neoliberal tyranny.

Remember, this is only just the beginning...