Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Danish police step up attacks

DANISH police are continuing to use force to attack protesters gathered in Copenhagen for the climate change summit.

Following assaults on demonstrations and mass arrests, they have now seized the opportunity to move into the free space of Christiana, though meeting spirited resistance.

Said one correspondent on Indymedia: "Police are blocking all access roads to Christiania and unconfirmed reports have been heard of activists throwing bottles at them as the authorities show up at a party in preparation for the Reclaim Power action on Wednesday.

"I have witnessed a large police presence ariving at Christiania in Copenhagen on the night of the party two days before the Reclaim Power action which will attempt to force its way into the Bella Center to declare a people's summit.

"A large contingent of riot police screeched to a halt at street corners and baracaded the entrance roads to the site of the squatted free-town.

"I have also heard unconfirmed eye-witness reports of activists responding by throwing bottles at the riot police and I saw plumes of smoke present in the street in front of the event. "